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The Best Group, established in 2007, is a logistics and supply-chain service platform integrated into express delivery, supply chain management, terminal services, capacity matching, logistics, international e-commerce logistics and other industries. Best Group (Stock Code: BEST) was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on 20 September 2017. As a worldwide supplier of intelligent supply chain services, Best Group continues to grow quickly every year and develops rapidly with its strong technological platform and large logistics service network. Best operates in 16 countries and territories, including China, the United States, Germany, Thailand, Japan, the United Kingdom and France, as of end of December 2019. Best Group has a competent technical Internet background team that has always included the "gene" of scientific and technology innovation into the company's growth. Best Group is dedicated to establishing a single-stop logistics and supply chain service platform that combines Internet, IT and logistical services, continually developing new business models, and enhancing efficiency by utilizing IT. In the sphere of intelligence and technology, Best invests funds to improve automation and smart equipment, developing system clusters that process tens of millions of transactions daily, efficiently improving service levels and operating efficiency, through its strong independent capacity for research and development.  Best has long been interested in guiding logistics using knowledge and improving innovative efficiency. Best has now established seven business units: Best Cloud, Best Supply Chain, Best Express, Best Finance, Best International, Best Goods. Best's goal is to create a smarter and more efficient supply chain via technological innovation and business models and to accomplish 'business success and marvelous living' in the digital economy.

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