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The company has over 82 partners, operates in more than 97 countries, has over 800 employees and over 200 dedicated vehicles. Their whole logistical service is offered. Integrated and adaptable solutions that meet your requirements are at your disposal. They've invested in the best individuals in their respective fields and with an impressive background and varied skills to fulfill our customers' requirements. Loyalty and respect, honesty, principles of balance and honor, excellence, and stewardship are held in the highest regard by the team. Airspeed, their logistics solution provider, offers comprehensive logistical support services to their customers in order to assist them to develop and expand their companies. Because Airspeed provides them with the means to create the most ambitious projects. The primary goal of this company is to offer logistical services and end-to-end solutions for worldwide clients. They are also committed to exposing stakeholders to high-value and self-actualizing possibilities. To be the most chosen worldwide Filipino premium logistics and end-to-end solutions supplier.

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