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Anneng Logistics Limited was founded in Shanghai on June 1, 2010. This is a AAAAA-level integrated service logistics enterprise that serves all levels of the supply chain. The industry's first freight forwarder has been founded on the objective of "logistics generates boundless possibilities". The partnership platform strategy aims to lower costs and improve customer experiences by offering low-cost, high-quality transportation services. Our continued use of industry-leading business models and the development of novel business models has allowed us to develop and launch our various e-commerce series, such as the MiNi e-commerce series, the Precision LTL Express, the Timed Delivery, and several more industry-leading products. Data-based approaches, including cloud computing and advanced computing, allowed Aneng to independently construct 48 unique IT systems for the purpose of promoting technical innovation and the coupling of technological innovation and operations, as well as overall digitalization of operations.

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