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ARK was established in 2013 in Melbourne, the most livable city in the world. It is an international logistics company officially registered in Australia that is engaged in international express delivery, freight forwarding, overseas warehousing, and transportation, and logistics management solutions. Ark express is the first company in Australia to define the time limit of Australia-China cross-border logistics within 5 working days. They have multiple independent and fast Australia-China customs clearance lines for customers to choose from. At present, the company has established large-scale direct logistics processing centers in Australia's major central cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), covering an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. Ark Mission (Mission) With the mission of becoming the best local logistics management solution service provider in Australia and New Zealand, in line with the mentality of forming a partnership with customers, continuously improve efficiency, strengthen service awareness, and create an elite team. Ark Vision (Vision) takes the realization of global village-style communication as its vision. Ark Values ​​(Values): User first, cooperation and innovation, passion for progress, practicality and sincerity, equality and diversity. Ark Culture (Culture) Ark Express, advance together in the same boat. They think that the best is not the end, they look forward to surpassing themself and becoming better every time!

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