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Arrow XL delivers more than 2 million client orders each year, the top 2-person home delivery specialist in the UK. With investment in technology, new services, and training, they are dedicated to innovation and continual development. They have made more than 20 million deliveries on behalf of UK top retailers and manufacturers with over 25 years of expertise. They collaborate with customers and create solutions that respond to the changing requirements of the retail sector. Their askAXL monitoring web app enables customers to monitor their orders in real-time as their 2-hour window decreases dynamically to just 30 minutes. Customers may monitor their purchases via the network and track the vehicle using the interactive map on the day of delivery. The greatest thing? Customers may also view the identities of the supply crew that will ship their items to their chosen room. Their expanding hubs and supply trucks network enables us to deliver 6 days a week to 98 percent of the UK population. They also use extra networks for the regions of offshore islands, Channel Islands, and Eire that is difficult to access. Arrow XL supplements this with on-site services such as washing machine connection and flat package assembly with 6-day delivery and pickups, which provide you market uniqueness and business possibilities. Their delivery teams are frequently the only person to interact with each other throughout the whole delivery route. Their committed staff appreciate the importance of all our goods and are proud of the role they play in our customers' representation. Their customer experience teams are also crucial to ensuring that your customers are in safe hands and always have assistance if they need it.

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