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Asendia is arguably the UK's biggest and most experienced international mail and package specialist. It is founded in 2012 with 50 years of UK heritage. In 2012, Asendia UK was established when La Poste and Swiss Post combined into the UK, although they have decades of history because both organizations have bought long-lasting UK mailing and fulfillment companies. In 2018, Asendia UK has grown into a leading worldwide provider of e-commerce solutions – and mail – backed by award-winning technology and the purchase of wnDirect. They provide a highly flexible service. Companies may select a stand-alone delivery service or a fully integrated solution for delivery and return. They can send all your mail and packages or just deliver to certain countries. Asendia UK has a big, contemporary international mail and parcel distribution center in Heathrow, a parcel hub close to Derby, a postal and execution house in Southampton, and an e-commerce center in Bedford. They work closely with workers in 17 countries and delivery, returns, and IT partners all around the globe. Meeting clients' expectations and surpassing them is always central to their work. The goal is to create customer relationships and provide genuine value. Many well-known UK brands are also choosing Asendia and hundreds of smaller companies. They aspire to be a market leader in the UK by giving companies in this nation a unique approach to cross-border mail and package delivery. Through this dedication to clients, they create sustainable development and financial success which allows them to continue to innovate for customers and to be an excellent place to work.

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