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Bangladesh Post is a service-oriented government agency that works under the Posts and Telecommunications Division of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology. With its nationwide network, it is committed to providing a variety of basic postal services and financial and ICT-based digital postal services. There is only one government postal service in the world, and it does this in spite of its massive population. Bangladesh Post is dedicated to providing a swift, dependable, and reasonably priced service to everyone. The primary objective of the Bangladesh Post is to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the Bangladeshi people by introducing new and practical ideas while boosting the profitability of this branch. They seek to provide a postal service that is both universal and accessible. They've got a long-term strategy to provide a wide range of financial services for rural customers. International Remittance Service was just introduced. By the year 2026, new technology-based postal processing and e-commerce platforms will be in place. The refurbishment of ancient post offices and the extension of Emergency Medical Transports (EMTs) services. Using IT to train the jobless. Ana; Education insurance for students “Sukanya; Insure students against numerous small and midsize risks, such as accidental death and dismemberment, sickness, injury, and old age. the procurement of trucks for carrying mail as well as ice-free vans GMS system implemented in conjunction with track and trace and a complete track and trace system at the post office. teaching executives and workers at all levels of the organization how to use technology.

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