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Postal delivery service was established in Barbados in the 1660s under the authority of the Postmaster-General in London. The Barbados Post Office functions as a government agency and reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Postal Service of Barbados (B.P.S.) is now led by the Postmaster-General, who is responsible for the postal services on the island, under the laws of the country. In Barbados, there are 19 postal counters. This includes the Cheapside Post Office, the International Airport Post Office of Grantley Adams, and the Post Office at Bridgetown Cruise Terminal. The purpose of the district post offices is to offer the people of the areas they serve a dependable and efficient service. The postmen from these offices deliver 161 routes throughout Barbados. Their mission is "To handle and distribute communications, products, and financial services in a safe, reliable, fast and affordable way, locally and globally."The company's vision is to turn the postal office in Barbados into a modern business capable of supplying economically and effectively outstanding services and of providing adequate growth and development opportunities. Recently, as a delivery technique, the Barbados Postal Service developed Community mailboxes in response to the growth of residential areas and commercial centers with no corresponding increase in delivery employees. It guarantees that Barbados fulfills its international 3 days letter delivery requirement.

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