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The 3rd-ranked Chinese smart logistics and supply chain company, BEST Inc., is a subsidiary of BEST Inc. At the moment, the organization's two major business divisions are known as BEST Express (express delivery services) and BEST Supply Chain (supply chain management) (Warehouse management and Cross Border service). BEST's unique technological platform and vast networks cover all of China, as well as operations all over the world. The Best Supply Chain uses a contemporary warehouse management solution that is connected to both online and offline distribution channels with modern technology to coordinate data such as ERP, GWMS, and TMS, particularly the online Fulfillment Center (OFC). The solution they provide assists online retailers in managing the back-end process. BEST Supply Chain focuses on three distinct client bases: business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C). They ahave more than 13 years of international shipping expertise to back up our trust in our service capabilities. The leader partnered with China's logistics and smart supply chain to help link China, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the globe through a global transportation network. On the FMCG, Home Appearance, and Fashion business groups' E-Marketplace storage service platform, they have a significant business partner that stores over 10,000 SKUs in a warehouse space of over 10,000 square meters. To meet the best customer supply chain requirements and experiences, they'll function based on the premise that ‘Customer satisfaction is essential.'

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