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BoxC Logistics, Inc. was a component of Batch 6 of 500 Mountain View, CA start-ups. BoxC enables shippers and suppliers to access a more dependable and affordable worldwide shipping network than postal carriers. Everything pays as you go. International transportation is available without the burden of capacity planning, carrier contracts, integration of partners, and fragmented customs clearance and tax requirements, as opposed to traditional transport infrastructure. Each shipper and logistics supplier can access the open international shipping network via the BoxC platform. Whether you create a big and complicated shipping network, expand your delivery region, or require better international shipping for your goods is important. The open international shipping platform provides geographically dispersed facilities, horizontally scalable transport, and numerous first and final miles of global transport links, and provides the potential to be truly global. Scale and reach are not a problem anymore. Local infrastructure facilities and local transportation assets are no longer required in every geographical location.

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