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Obida is China's current strong Sino-Russian logistics brand Shuangqing. Professionally offer land, air, marine, and fast customs clearing services from China to Russia. During the present period of costly, slow, hard customs clearance from China to Russia, the company has solemnly launched a professional Sino-Russian logistics platform, "Obida," which handles professional Russian logistics problems, including customs declarations and inspections in China. It has now developed a full chain of ecological logistics, sorting-packaging-transport-customs declaration-customs clearance-warehouses-delivery and has also derived numerous value-added services, including various document and certificate agencies, commodity collection, and overseas warehousing Wait. Today, the business has locations in many places, such as Ussur, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, as well as has set up special lines from China to more than a dozen important Russian cities. Their business is a complete international freight forwarding logistics enterprise which integrates import and export trading and freight forwarding from Guangzhou to Central Asia. From China to key Russian cities, business offers rapid train travel, from Beijing to major cities of Moscow, and from the major ports of China through Vladivostok to Moscow's main cities. Based on port benefits and industry features, Green Customs clearance channels such as clothes, baggage, Xiaobai, Dabai and gloves have been created to provide consumers high quality, quick and safe services. In the area of technology, it has always worked on independent research and development technology, utilizing leading worldwide Internet technologies, including the sophisticated interactive netwerking, data transmission solutions, distributed storage solutions, etc. A networked service pattern has been created encompassing collection, processing, packing, transport and sales. Yunqi International respects the principles of honesty, pioneering and entrepreneurial, offering safe, quick and reliable services for the Chinese-Russian trade and trade and developing with the century the most important Sino-Russian logistical company. The firm has also established a unique Vietnam Shuangqing line to provide land, air, express and maritime tax services from China to Vietnam. The letter covers cities such as Vietnam's Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong, and Da Nang. At Guangzhou, the main distribution point is customs clearing, which is in Pingxiang, and subsequently, the products are delivered to key cities in Vietnam. There is a free door-to-door delivery inside the city boundaries of major cities. Land transport is split into motor vehicles and rail transit. Car travel usually takes 8-10 days, rail transport is usually 10-15 days, air express usually takes 3-5 days and sea transport is usually about 15-18 days. The business has advantages in the unique line Shuangqing from China to five Central Asian nations, Ukraine, Belarus, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Thailand. Laos, Myanmar, Korea of the South. Nigeria, Iran, Australia, United States. They have also established international air transport and international express service agencies. Guangzhou and Hong Kong take off to the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia CA, CX, 9W, EK, EY, and so on. DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, International Express, customers are welcome to ask! Have fun working with you!

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