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Colis Privé is specialized in delivering packages for you and people within 24 to 48 hours. Colis Privé is a leading provider of package delivery services in the last mile, a benchmark brand, which covers the collecting of goods from e-merchants up to the final delivery. Established in 1993, the business has been increasingly successful due, in particular, to its continuous willingness to enhance its delivery service. All staff is dedicated to providing the greatest customer experience. Colis Privé Thanks to 3,300 suppliers made up of subcontractors but also Hopps Group employees, today, over 63 million packages are delivered to you. Their logistics company, headquartered in Lille, Orléans, Lyon, and Ile-de-France, and 110 regional agents across France, offers you quick and regulated delivery options. Their brand is already trusted by the greatest brands in e-commerce because of the quality of its services, its flexibility, speed, and new offerings. They strive every day to enhance the quality of the service they provide. Service quality in terms of delivery reflects its seamless operation, with regard in particular for deadlines and optimum client experience.

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