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CRE is known to go above and beyond for its customers. They provide a wide range of customers with different services, including Standard Express (Three-day Delivery, Four-day Delivery) and "Door-to-Door" Time-limited Express. They do that mainly by means of luggage van of railways and buses, and additionally by road and air transportation resources. With the cooperation with China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd, CRE develops Valuable Article Logistics service and provides relevant agencies of CMC Logistic Support Department with logistics service for military materials, equipment, and components. The company's Luggage & parcel service provides customers that are sending and delivering luggage and parcels by leveraging the service departments of nationwide railway stations. Their CRHE is a "Door-to-Door small parcel delivery service with high efficiency, quality, and standard. Additionally, the company provides a wide range of customers with Time-limited Services (Same Day Delivery, Next Morn-ing Delivery, Next Day Delivery) and Standard Services (Economic Express, Intra-city Express).

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