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CSE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC, was formed in February of 1996 and now has a paid-in capital of $4.225 billion. Ship chartering, operation of a shipping agency, and ship operating are only a few of the many different activities CSE is involved in. The CSC Group's objectives for development and diversification, as well as a steady supply of raw materials, are some of the company's goals for the current year. While it is crucial to enforce the appropriate rules and regulations at home and abroad, CSE also adheres to all MARPOL requirements established by IMO to conserve energy, decrease carbon emissions, and curb the effects of the greenhouse effect and air pollution produced by all boats. In addition, a new method of measuring energy efficiency has been used to construct ECO ships with the use of the Energy Efficiency Design Index, EEDI. The whole ship fleet has also adopted the SEEMP program, which oversees the most energy-efficient operations. In order to explore new energy-saving techniques, CSE has commissioned ship technology research institutes to design new approaches and has issued new construction orders to shipyards that are capable of constructing ECO ships. In addition to the four 209,000-DWT, eight 208,000 cape-sized bulk vessels, three 205,000-DWT, and two 35,000-DWT multi-purpose handy size carriers, CSE owns one 19,000-DWT self-unloading vessel with limestone, two 12,000-DWT small handy size carriers for carrying steel products, and two 20,000-DWT multi-purpose medium-size carriers. He has a fleet of more than 3.89 million deadweight tons. For outstanding operational performance, CSE has been awarded several times with the Operation Growth Award and Fleet Expansion Award. CSE is a frequent recipient of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy's Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report, having received accolades consistently since 2013. CSE has earned the "Gold" designation in the Taiwanese transport sector and has ranked in the top 50 Taiwanese companies for sustainability in the year 2020. It places a priority on principles such as collaboration, entrepreneurship, down-to-earthiness, and innovation, and it continuously strives to provide maximum advantages for all stakeholders. CSE will use ECO vessels, set a goal of replacing old vessels with new ones, follow international conventions on ships and port states, be dedicated to navigational safety and environmental protection, and reduce emissions of harmful gases. To minimize operational risks, the company will concentrate on improving its market prediction skills, which will serve as the decision-making criteria for investment. It has expanded into the offshore marine engineering industry in cooperation with the government's policy on green energy and the developmental plan of the CSC Group's wind power company.

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