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The express arm of the Portuguese postal service Correios de Portugal (CTT), formerly known as Tourline Express or Antes Tourline, was established in 1996 as CTT Express. For domestic and international express shipping, CTT Express supervises and executes the Express postal and package delivery services. Due to massive investments in package processing efficiency and network upgrades, the business has been able to provide quick delivery turnaround times for goods all over the globe. Actually, one of Europe's top express delivery services has been established by CTT Express. Today, the business handles significant quantities of shipments both incoming and outgoing from Europe, with a focus on the Iberian Peninsula and particularly Spain and Portugal. The shipping method used by CTT Express is via air, owing to it being the quickest of the three options. In particular, because of the investment in distribution management, CTT Expresso has received significant benefits from using AI algorithms that monitor packages as they are sent across the world. Additionally, this has given it the ability to more efficiently manage parcel shipping processes, which benefits both CTT Express customers as it allows for controlled, secure, and faster delivery, as well as the customers themselves, because it translates into lower shipping costs for both parties. For almost half a century, CTT Express has pursued a solid goal of developing and investing in cutting-edge technology and solutions to better serve customers. Due to this, the corporation has seen a significant increase of large corporate headquarters starting in 2020. Although that is the case, in 2020, the firm was considered to have the finest transportation, shipping, and package delivery infrastructure on the Iberian Peninsula, which includes both Spain and Portugal.

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