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CXC express is a business with offices in Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong, which provides express and mail delivery service. For over 30 years, the members of the group served Hong Kong. It is the biggest private express service provider in the region and has a production capacity of over 3.6 million in 2017. More than adequate storage and capacity to satisfy the logistical capabilities of large-scale projects to offer express B2B and B2C services. The network of CXC services includes South China, East China, Central China, Macau, Taiwan, Macau and other areas. The company provides quick and accurate express delivery services to its clients with a robust distribution network to guarantee that each item is delivered safely and efficiently. The CXC shipment can also be done in combination with public transit and be fully tracked. That decreases dependency on fossil fuels and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other environmental hazards.

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