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DAO365 sends packages every day, throughout the year, including holidays and weekends. The notion that "time is essential" is inseparable from the DAO because it comes from the newspaper business. Every night, 3 500 delivery guys drive 100 000 kilometers, ensuring you are ready to pick up your journal, your package, or your favorite magazine when you wake up. They distribute products every day to more than 6,000 businesses, stores, and shops. They also provide your home address with papers, periodicals, and packages. This is how DAO was established in 2007, after a merger of Jyllands-Posten Distribution A/S and Dansk Avis Distribution. It is held by Syddanske Medier A/S, JP/Politikens Hus A/S and is currently the largest morning distribution firm with headquarters in Vejle, Jutland. The business aims to be fully CO2-neutral since it depends primarily on healthy earth and on living creatures. Therefore, they constantly think and act with sustainability in mind.

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