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The Taiwan Home Delivery Service (THD) conforms to TECO Group's continuous stability and brings together Nippon Express' expertise in home delivery technology and home delivery experience (B2C and C2C), a pioneer in the Japanese logistics sector. Establishing a partnership in 2000, Taiwan set up the first Taiwan home delivery service firm (C2C, B2C, C2B), which opened the curtain for home delivery and became Taiwan's first home delivery service provider. From 28 July 2000, 46 home delivery trucks were officially commissioned. On the first day, just 2 residential deliveries were delivered. The cumulative handling over the last two decades has surpassed 350 million packages. "Taiwan Home Delivery Service" has always kept to its initial goal of providing an intimate and convenient home delivery service between urban and rural regions; shuttles through the streets and alleys; cautious, safe, and domestic delivery of all products commissioned by the customers. "Taiwan Home Delivery's strengths are founded on the idea of customer-oriented service, offering professional services from the consumer viewpoint and achieving the ultimate objective of customer service to provide safety, comfort, and comfort to Taiwan. Their number of staff is around 2,000. They have 54 delivery offices in Taiwan, as well as 18 Taiwanese logistics centers.

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