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Easy Mail was established in 2013 and serves the Greek and international courier markets. In addition, the business has a General License for Postal Services, which is recorded in the Register of Societes Anonymes of the Ministry of Development, and which is numbered 13-072 of the Register of the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (E.E.T.T.). The company's headquarters is located at Moschato, PC 183 46, which is at 96 Piraeus Street in Athens. Easy Mail was established by a group of experienced executives with many years of work experience in the courier industry, who all successfully completed a courier course offered by Greece's biggest courier firms. The aim was to build a contemporary and adaptable business that could rapidly rise to prominence in the industry. Mail and package collection, administration, and marketing are available at the headquarters. In addition, a contemporary fleet of approximately 120 semi-trucks and 40 engines have been acquired to supply the transportation needs of all of the divisions within the branch network. To ensure reliable shipping, these airlines have established a state-of-the-art computerized system for managing and monitoring cargo. The system has online monitoring and communication capabilities that are always available. To help move the remainder of Greece goods, it has formed strategic relationships with Greece's major couriers, including placing almost 200 shipping hubs at their disposal. The deal with the Orpheus Veinoglou group in which Orbit subsidiary Orbit joined the share capital of Easy Mail upon completion of the rapid development exhibited by the business in its initial years of operation Following this acquisition, Easy Mail will now have more momentum and is implementing improvements that will revolutionize the business. When Easy Mail was integrated into the Veinoglou group, along with the merging of courier services with Orbit Courier, a highly developed corporate strategy was established, making it possible to cooperate with large worldwide courier networks spanning over 200 countries.

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