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Shenzhen Express Mail & Parcel Service Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd is a worldwide professional shipping business specialized in offering outstanding service on the FeDex Special Line, USPS Special Line (Double Clearance), GSSUS, International Express Hong Kong EMS, Hong Kong Post, etc. They provide other businesses, Internet operators, Internet traders, sellers and individual traders the most professional, quality freight and logistical service. Their task is to adhere to integrity, public service, technical improvement and perfect management. Our business will gain a wider market, based on their employees expertise in the industry (focused in logistics planning, transport dispatching, etc.), science management, standard operational processes, fast information tracking and feedback. They are now dedicated to working closely with some international expression businesses such as FEDEX, EMS, UPS, DHL, etc. They can provide secure, fast, multiple logistics and the most competent American Special Line service to clients.

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