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EMS is an international postal express mail service provided by Universal Postal Union (UPU) postal operators, which connects over 175 nations and territories around the globe, for documents and goods. It has an express priority. EMS gets precedence over other postal services. It is convenient, the EMS worldwide network, based on postal office counters, has the most customer access points in the world. The world's biggest delivery network - EMS postal operators have the greatest global coverage of the final mile, backed by the mail delivery network, reaching all businesses and citizens worldwide. The EMS Cooperative is an organization of the Universal Postal Union with more than 180 members working together to offer the quickest cross-border postal goods for the EMS – Express Mail Service. EMS Cooperative encourages collaboration among its members so that consumers globally may offer high quality and competitive Express Mail Service (EMS). The EMS Cooperative consists of three governing bodies: The General Assembly, formed of all the members of the EMS Cooperative, the EMS Cooperative Board consisting of nine elected members of ad people, and the EMS Unit, the executive arm of the UPU International Bureau. The UPU is an intergovernmental organization and the principal cooperation platform between countries, postal authorities, and other stakeholders in the postal industry. It aims to maintain the universal network, to set standards for international mail interchange amongst its 192 members, and to enhance customer service quality.

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