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Proud 100% Mexican logistics solutions firm leader, with the objective to provide you with the finest service to build your business. They discover the changes in your supply chain and adapt procedures according to your requirements. Estafeta offers the resources and infrastructure needed for your company to continue with innovation, vision, efficiency, enthusiasm, and service excellence. They transport your goods to more than 220 nations and territories across the globe and to all of Mexico. Offer logistics solutions based on a large air and land transport network, cutting-edge technology platform, and highly qualified and client-oriented employees, in line with outstanding quality and service standards. They take care of employees, customers, their shipments, and the community's integrity. They are a complete team that transcends the community with respect, trust, humility, and fairness. They keep their commitments, solve them, are accessible, and go beyond expectations. They carry out obligations with seriousness and discipline, maximizing resources. They look forward with openness to the future. They make accessible all potential resources to change themselves. Estafeta has over 12 000 staff, 3 hubs, 128 distribution centers, 12 air stations, 5 000 vehicles, 33 warehouses.

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