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AliExpress platform buyers and sellers and all e-commerce companies all offer an international package delivery service with consistent overall timeliness, simple system operation, and flexible delivery methods at reasonable prices as a result of integrating global postal and express supplier resources on the online platform. By utilizing various international postal and express resources, such as international parcel delivery providers, global postal and express suppliers can integrate both customers and suppliers of e-commerce platforms to provide global e-commerce buyers and sellers with reliable timeliness, simple system operation, various delivery methods, and reasonable prices for international parcel delivery services. China and the pick-up period is 2-3 days. eTotal's vast logistical capabilities allow the company to make direct contact with airlines and push for consistent, high-quality, and lower-priced supply positions. Also, during busy periods, charter services are provided to guarantee enough room. Business warehouse service options include warehousing, distribution, transshipment, packing, labeling, and inventory management. e-Total offers package tracking services in order to give clients total confidence at every kilometer of the delivery process.

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