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FamilyMart is your home away from home. The S&W convenience store franchise chain is Japanese. FamilyMart is Japan's second-biggest convenience store chain, second only to 7-Eleven. As of 2017, there are currently 24,574 Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian-owned retail shops globally. It has its headquarters in the Sunshine 60 building in Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, which is on the 17th floor. Several Circle K Sunkus locations in Japan are operated by FamilyMart. FamiPort is under FamilyMart. It brings convenience into your daily life, making your life easier. FamiPort makes it possible for you to do shopping online, buy shipping and transit tickets, and perform mobile payments. It is also useful for printing, storing points cards, redeeming bonuses, and more.

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