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FedEx Corp. provides a comprehensive range of transit, e-commerce and business services to customers and businesses throughout the world. Our networks work together to provide clients with the finest service without compromise. They compete as a wide range of client solutions collectively, and are jointly handled under the respected FedEx brand. Everyone, from individuals to large corporations, uses adaptable, innovative solutions as businesses grow more global and competitive. It's all our companies' number one priority. Consider them as a portfolio of solutions that can meet any global trade difficulty. Each network functions separately, yet works together. This implies that our separate networks can be optimized as a racing car to provide clients with the greatest possible service. This is how we bring actual value. During the holidays, we provide joy. We give hope to natural catastrophe sufferers. Customers rely on our comprehensive transport, e-commerce and business solutions offering. Our networks connect over 220 nations and territories, linking over 99% of global GDP. Behind all this are more than 490,000 teammates worldwide, who unite over the purple promise: "I will make every FedEx experience excellent."

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