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Happy-Post is a package shipping pick-up and delivery service that provides cost-effective, quick, secure, and easy services to small e-merchants, private people, and companies that are based in France and beyond. The brand is called Happy-Post, and it is one of the providers of delivery services on IMX France, a historic participant in the postal industry that was founded in 1989. Thanks to an impressive network of international relationships, global logistics and transportation professionals, and delivery and parcel carriers, IMX France delivers globally at very cheap rates. They now provide cost comparison as well, because packages utilize their Hub to travel across the globe, and are distributed at the end-user location anywhere in the world. In order to make Happy-Post a success, it's essential that their partners, who include leaders in their respective markets, provide the finest possible solutions from the assortment through the delivery of the package to the recipient. Happy-Post has become the standard brand for transporting packages to both private people and small and medium-sized businesses.

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