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In 1989, the business was established. It includes almost 1400 locations. This establishment is owned by people from Guangquan. This is the first Chinese convenience store chain system. Since the inception of the company, Laerfu has implemented the "locality-world perspective" business concept. The United States and Japan both have a number of convenience shops, so it created its own sky in order to stand apart. The 24-hour Lairfu Convenience Store is open all year long and every street and lane is well-lit. They are a brand that follows the excitement, vigorous, rigorous, and progressive business philosophy and aims to introduce high-quality products at home and abroad. They are also dedicated to helping others realize a high quality of life, and are committed to bringing Lalfu into the community. They want to provide quick, dependable, and cost-effective comprehensive services while meeting client requirements as much as possible. to advance Automation equipment should be introduced to help standard processes, save delivery time, and increase the quality of work. A fast response system is implemented to provide a wide variety of products. Regional logistics should be constructed to provide a smoothly flowing flow of goods and allow the delivery of thousands of kilometers. Laerfu Autotoll is the ideal partner for contemporary businesses since it works well with their current flow and fulfills their logistical goal.

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