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IMEX, a consolidator and distributor of internal packages and mail for volume mailers and e-commerce businesses, was founded in May 1986. IMEX Global Solutions has grown through a series of acquisitions to become the industry leader in international mail logistics and distribution services that our customers have come to depend on. IMEX is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations by continuously creating and upgrading state-of-the-art cost-effective parcel and communications delivery systems that exceed industry expectations. IMEX has three international air cargo terminals accredited as screening facilities for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This in-house scanning feature enables us to load the aircraft ourselves, shaving valuable time off the process and providing our customers with additional wide cutoff windows. The location of our IMEX facilities near O'Hare, John F. Kennedy, and LAX international airports guarantees convenient access to USPS International Acceptance Facilities and makes it possible for them to provide the largest number of delivery alternatives for overseas posts and private carriers. IMEX is committed to service and innovation, and we believe these traits will help your company thrive. Our contact form is here for you to discover how our knowledge and experience may help your company. IMEX Global Solutions is a world leader in the delivery of improved business mail, packages, and periodicals. We process millions of pounds of essential business communications for companies targeting clients situated all over the globe using our three state-of-the-art processing facilities. The project management and distribution systems are both using proprietary and web-based platforms. Their knowledge leads to cost reductions in a variety of ways. IMEX Global Solutions is able to allocate delivery of your business communication materials to the organization that will offer the best service due to contracts with more than 60 global/postal and delivery suppliers. Client-specified programs features provide customers the flexibility to choose the choices that best suit their requirements and financial parameters.

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