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Dominican Postal Institute was established by Law 307 on November 15, 1985, which was a separate national postal regulatory organization with a Board of Directors tasked with the administration of the country's postal services. The Dominican postal service is responsible for all kinds of communication, including international money transfers, shipping, courier, and delivery of letters and parcels. Additionally, it has direct links with all foreign post offices, whether outside the country or not. The process of modernization of this essential public service, which began with the inauguration of the nation's first constitutional government, started with an extension to cover the most distant communities of the country. It also has direct links with all postal systems throughout the globe, whether within or outside of the nation. With regard to international money transfers, the Dominican postal service processes tens of thousands of letters, postal parcels, couriers, and cash transactions yearly. In addition to post offices constructed since 1993, modernization of this public service has seen the building of the Palace of the Dominican Postal Institute. The values of the business are productivity, steadfastness, the pursuit of excellence, a service-based job, and openness.

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