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It was founded in 2007. Leaping Express Group Co., Ltd holds the honorary titles "National AAAAA Level Logistics Enterprise," "National High-Tech Enterprise," "Top 30 Official Brands of the Chinese Logo Industry," "Famous Brands in Chinese E-commerce Logistics Industry," and so on. Leapfrog Express has consistently followed the strategic stance of the "big, comprehensive and contemporary express company." The business leads the introduction of three time-sensitive goods, in response to the diverse market requirements, namely Same day, next day, and next day services based on a market-oriented, customer-centric, and high-end information network management system, a guaranteed platform. The business also introduced unique service models such as cities of the same day, cities of the same next day, land transport, and fresh fast delivery. Leap Express introduced a unique and exclusive service to assist corporate clients to gain more success in the market and generate more value for corporate customers: 24 hours a day/night delivery and one-to-one service. Leaping Express is dedicated to developing a big, comprehensive, national-level, internationally competitive express business. It follows the company's attitude of "Being courageous and seeking excellence," creates an active reputation for the enterprise and brand and has earned many customers Acknowledgement and social recognition: It is anticipated that it was on the list twice in the Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index 2018Q3 and the Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index in the First Quarter of 2019 published by the Hurun Research Institute. With a valuation of about 20 billion yuan, Cainiao, JD Logistics, and Dada-JD Daojia have been unicorn companies in the logistics service sector of China. Leap Express will in the future create a completely environmentally friendly supply chain system, develop an all-round fashion supply chain financing, the cold chain, intra-city distribution, spring-new technologies, cross-border e-commerce, warehousing, and other areas. At the same time, the worldwide business will be radiated and technology will be used.

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