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State Enterprise "Kyrgyz Pochtasy" provides a wide range of postal, financial, government services and services for receiving payments from the population. The State Enterprise "Kyrgyz Pochtasy" has the largest branch network in the country, covering almost the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan, especially at the level of the district and rural areas. One of the largest labor collectives of postal workers in the republic - almost 4,000 employees. Every year, postal workers of the State Enterprise "Kyrgyz Pochtasy" receive and deliver more than 3475 thousand letters, 150 thousand parcels, accept and pay for 160 thousand money orders. Mail is delivered to all corners of the republic in accordance with the established regulations: 5 times a week to regional and district centers and cities, 3 times a week to post offices. The length of the routes in both directions is over 25 thousand kilometers. The advantage of the State Enterprise "Kyrgyz Pochtasy" is that the company is represented in the most remote parts of the country.

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