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France must supply postal services in Monaco, as guaranteed by the Treaty of Péronne in 1641. This relationship was interrupted twice, with the first interruption being the French Revolution. Until the Treaty of Paris was passed on 30 May 1814, the Principality of Monaco was incorporated into the territory of France by Decree of the national convention on 27 October 1793. The second interruption was made shortly after the Second Treaty, which became the protectorate of the Kingdom of Sardinia in Monaco on November 20, 1815. From the signing on 1 January, 1818 of the Treaty of Stupinigi until the Treaty of Turin was signed on 24 March 1860, the postal system became a Sardinian, making Monaco a Principality of France and re-established its postal connections. La Poste Monaco maintains 7 post offices at different sites around Monaco such as the Place des Moulins, Herculis, and the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco Post and Monaco City, La Condamine, Monaco Post. Monaco Post offices are selling standard postal goods, including postage stamps and flat-rate envelopes for sending up to 1kg and envelopes with prepared postal envelopes. The post offices of Monaco also provide postbox services and telecommunications services via prepaid mobile SIM cards.

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