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The company has been in the work for postal services since 1975 and up to current times. After the country was fully freed and formed as the Democratic People's Republic of Laos. A new era of national preservation and growth has begun with the revolution. The postal service has progressively improved in the following phases: The nation pursued economic strategies and work programs from 1975 to 1982, based on the events and situations during that period. The Post and Telecommunications Ministry was founded as the Post and Telecommunications Ministry. between 1982 and 1986. Established as the Post and Telecommunications Ministry. 1986 to apply the ideas of reform of the Party and simplify the organizational structure at ministry level The Post and Telecommunications Ministry was renamed, and the Building and Communications Ministries (Ministry of Civil Affairs) fused into one ministry: now the Ministry of Communications and Transport, the Ministry of Postal Affairs and Construction. It was founded as a telecommunications business in 1987. 1995 Following and turning the Party method to changing the mechanism of the market economy To an autonomous, autonomous postal communication system step-by-step Divided into the following two organizations: + The Lao Telecom Joint Venture in cooperation with a telecommunications firm from Thailand, offering telecommunications services across the nation in compliance with the legislation of the Lao PDR. Depository service, deposit, delivery, and distribution of postage, postal packages etc. In short, the postal service was created in conjunction with the fight to free the nation from the youth of foreign lords, activists, and emperors. The postal communication activity interacted with the leading role of the Lao Revolutionary People's Party and the related organic entity. Enter the goal of protecting and developing the country towards socialism Post work is one of the key responsibilities of the Party and the State in executing the policy guidelines by helping the four sectors of work to be served: political responsibilities of the party-state, development of economic jobs with regard to national defense and security, social and cultural work, and to make the economy of the nation develop and continue to spread from the center to the local level. This involves the distribution of products that meet the requirements of society to reach the destination.

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