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The company's mission: to allow workers and consumers to enjoy Nippon's competent, dependable and convenient international freight transportation service. They are working to treat people with honesty, believe in technology progress, take active measures, assist others, learn and work together for a win-win scenario.Nippon has always been based in Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam (the Nippon Special Line Logistic Services) since its establishment in 2002, with Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Five Operational Centers, in Jiwu, Dongguan, and Shanghai successively set up, four overseas warehouses in Bangkok, Thailand, Taoyuan. After 20 years of expertise, customers, channels, and resources, we re-engineered the structure of the firm today and started again: 1. Scope of services: Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam 2. Service mode: air cargo, marine cargo, ground cargo, sea express, consolidated cargo. 3. Content of service: self-built storage + self-owned trunk line + strong clearing customs + services from renowned destination businesses + self-built shipping destination + self-built Overseas Warehouse destination

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