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Their wingspan continues to expand and encompasses an extensive global network of offices in over 280 locations across the globe. With the expansion of their network, their development will be focused on being closer to clients, allowing them to offer end-to-end solutions, as well as improving their capacity to supply these solutions via both service and location. Mainfreight and its distinct culture are exemplified by the phrase “special people, exceptional company.” They have found a way to conduct business that works all around the globe. It's like being part of a huge blue-blooded family to them. Hard labor, creativity, and a profound affection for one another are etched into their DNA. They engage and inspire one another in the same way that any family does. While they may not always agree, they are dedicated, trustworthy, and forthright with each other. Beginning in 1978, Mainfreight launched a large network of services in Auckland, New Zealand, quickly becoming the largest provider of freight services in the country. This firm went public in 1996 and began trading on the New Zealand Exchange. It is still one of the most successful enterprises on the New Zealand exchange to this day. In 1984, the first Mainfreight Air & Ocean branch opened. The aim to approach New Zealand and Australia as a single market is what drove investment in Australian businesses starting in 1989. As its position in Australia expanded via both purchase and branch proliferation in key areas, their global footprint continued to grow. The expansion into Asia and the United States took place in 1999, when the organization acquired two companies on each continent. At the beginning of 2007, 100% of their Asian activities were owned and operated by them. To this day, many Asian branches are still operational, including China, South East Asia, Japan, and Korea. The Americas saw further expansion with the acquisition of Target Logistics in 2007. By adding Wim Bosman Group to their corporate network, they were able to further extend its worldwide international network, which now includes branches across Europe. Their network has continued to grow across the whole supply chain as new branches open in other nations around the network. To provide more of a hands-on approach to their network, our major strategic goal is the intensification and development of our network. This enables us to offer better levels of logistical efficiency and better communications by making us closer to our clients. By 2020, they had increased its worldwide network to over 8,600 employees, with 22 new branches and two new nations now part of their global network.

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