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The Maldives Postal Service was established in 1906. Over the 115 years, the postal service has seen growth stages and for many decades has been an important means of communication in the Maldives. Limited liability business Maldives Post Limited was established in 1994 and is wholly owned by the government with a nation and abroad mandate under the Universal Postal Service Obligation to provide postal services (USO). Maldives Post is the country's official postal operator with a network of fourteen Atoll postal offices and 172 national agencies that provide access to postal services throughout the whole of the country. Mail Services is Maldives Post's main operation. Maldives Post is extensively committed to providing non-postal services like financial services and agency services in addition to conventional mail services. Maldives Post has concentrated on the improvement and expansion of its product and service range in accordance with changes in the communication market and technical developments that provide answers to changing consumer requirements. They dissolve the gap by delivering dependable postal services for people in and around the Maldives via the domestic and international postal network, contributing to daily life.

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