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Accruent's Maintenance Connection (MC) Express gives you the power of corporate asset-management software, so that you may get access to the appropriate information where and when you need it. With MC Express, your technicians can rapidly access work orders, examine files and documents and submit pictures from their iPad, Android tablet, or other on-site mobile devices. This avoids further travel back to the office and removes the need for prints. Improve the use of your key resources: your mechanics. Your team may access all information about the life cycle of Accruent's MC Express Can On One Smart Device, Helping to Reduce Unplanned Labor Stoppage. Simple MC Express simplifies the administration of maintenance in real-time. With MC Express, communication gaps between your maintenance staff and other departments can be reduced, wasteful paper methods can be eradicated, and data gathering may be inconsistent or delayed. When a technician signs in, the assets may be seen on the main menu. The technician thus has access from his hand to information such as related component lists, supporting paperwork, and a full history of the asset cycle. With key features such as full visibility and disponibility for specific parts of the asset, access to specific documents, photographs, and engineering document artifacts, access to full working order and downtime history, and additional tools to provide full asset management capabilities to support the management of the entire asset life cycle. With few clicks, the technician can manage assets via simple navigation and provide leadership with the information necessary to make educated business choices.

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