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Meest Express is an international postal and logistics provider for the delivery in Ukraine and abroad of various kinds of goods. The services of the business include delivery of products between branches ("warehouse-warehouse"), delivery of the goods "door to door," postal addresses for communication (invoices, contracts, magazines, POS), mailboxes, or the goods delivery for remote trading directly by the receiver (Internet-shops, TV shops, catalog companies, MLM-companies). Meest is part of the Meest Company, the postal and logistics group established in 1989 by the Meest Corporation International[3] (Meest Corporation Inc., Toronto, Canada). The business has been the owner of the Mist Express mark since 2005. In 2006-2009, the address delivery market is actively developing. Modern logistics information technology has been developed and deployed since 2009. In 2010, we entered the revolutionary mail delivery industry. In 2011 the fleet of the business was fully renovated with new contemporary vehicles to implement trunk connections and delivery of addresses. 2013 - Online services launch: "Bridge Cabinet" and my.Meest. In 2014, Mist Express combined with Postman, Tochka, Star Express, and PGK Group [4] [5], enabling 28.1% of the postal address delivery market to be controlled. There are now more than 1 700 Meest offices (including post offices) in all of Ukraine's regional centers and large cities, allowing for delivery throughout Ukraine, including poorly inhabited and inaccessible regions. Mist Express was rebranded Meest in 2020.

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