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The public company "Posta Moldovei" was established on 1 April 1993, when the postal communication sector was separated from the telecoms sector. It is a national postal service provider and is represented by the Agency for Public Property. As Moldova's biggest profile operator, the business provides the nation's broad variety of postal and financial services, with a geographical network of over 1.200 post offices and postal services agencies in over 1500 locations throughout the country. In order to become a market leader in the supply of postal services, they constantly strive to maintain innovative technology that enables them to provide their clients contemporary services and complicated solutions. The Republic of Moldavia became a full-fledged member of the Universal Postal Union on 16 November 1992 and therefore, along with the other Member States, formed one unified postal territory. HE "Posta Moldovei" then joined several international institutions such as EMS Cooperative and Telematics Cooperative within the UPU, PostEurop (European Postal Operators Association), Regional Communications Community, which were actively participating in meetings and seminars organized for the purpose of improving the quality of the postal services on a national and international level. The "Moldova Post Office" strategically focuses on broadening the range of services by providing non-traditional postal services, guaranteeing the quality of the provision and customer service forms and methods, based on the implementation of advanced technologies, thereby guaranteeing business profitability. Extending the range of new competitive, contemporary postal services that consumers are asking them to declare that SE "Posta Moldovei" has become a trusted partner on the postal services market. Their effort is aimed at attaining the defined development goals. The following are: preserving the viable postal network, growing the volume of postal goods, creating services using new technology, enhancing the quality of services delivered. SE "Posta Moldovei" aspires in the future to be a safe and public service business that, close to the people, continually strives to achieve a high standard of service delivery. 

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