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More and more companies these days are progressively competing for customers, where technological advancements are making an increasingly important impact. They are all driven by providing local service. A shared goal brings them together: They want to help you solve your problems, to provide a high-quality service that's available to everyone, professionals, people, and organizations. They want to assist you and your growth initiatives in both your everyday activities and your long-term endeavors as partners. This applies to everything they do in business: the methods they use, their corporate procedures, the way they greet customers, the things they produce, and the ideals that guide them. By procuring electric cars, they are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable development. Six days each week a team of 50 letter carriers collects and distribute mail and packages. There are 15 employees that oversee the processing and delivery of orders. A sales staff of three account managers makes customized solutions for mail, package, Chronopost, and direct marketing shipment available to companies and professionals.

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