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Mongolian post office is one of the earliest and most significant kinds of postal communications in the world's history. Ogdei, Genghis Khan's third son, sat on the throne of the Mongol Empire in 1228-1241 and created a horse station during the conquest of the enormous area of the globe. The station was more advanced and refined at the sixth meeting of the Presidium of the People's Government, on the day of the Volks Revolution on 19 July 1921, formed the Mongolian Post and Telecommunications Committee, now the Mongol Post JSC. Mongol Post JSC, the owner of Mongolia's major postal network, provides more than 30 kinds of postal service in over 900 staff in 21 postal services and districts throughout Mongolia, 330 postal services in southern Mongolia, and 38 postal services in Ulaanbaatar. Currently, intercity mail is delivered 3-6 times a week, from centers 2-4 times a week, more than 1,200 bags once a week, in over 200 nations worldwide, including the quickest form of mail or mail. Over 30,000 mailbox owners, more than 200,000 subscribers, and more than 10,000 workplaces are provided with postal services, and more than 10 million letters, parcels, and periodicals are delivered yearly.

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