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The Postal and Telecommunications Service (PTT-NC) of New Caledonia is a public participator in the growth of the nation, which offers public service to serve New Caledonians in a spirit of entrepreneurship. OPT-NC is 100% financially autonomous and completely finances all operations required to carry out its public service purpose without subsidies from the French government, the New Caledonian government, or any other organization. The OPT-NC has been an EPIC since 1958 which was given to the city of New Caledonia in 2003. Its missions: constructing infrastructure (networks, engineering buildings, agencies...), ensure digital growth (actions and projects to benefit collectivities), provide countrywide critical postal, banking, and telecommunications services, implement a pricing policy tailored. They operate in telecom, postal and financial services. They have almost 1100 employees. The OPT-NC is an important player in the social, cultural, and economic growth of the nation and helps to the equality of chances, the economic appeal of the country, and the improved competitiveness of the economy of New Caledonia.

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