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In the last decade, the Group has grown and changed in order to better fulfill the requirements of the community of our customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Though both this site and Groupe Poste Maroc are distinct and plural, they also have a focus on use, practicality, and clarity. As a result, the parent company's universal service objective has been further reinforced via the introduction of the daugther project Al Barid Bank banking subsidiary in June of 2010. For sure, Morocco's financial services sector has seen important advances that revolve around the rollout of a broad-based financial service offer for Moroccans. With the Amana brand, there are noteworthy outcomes from past communications efforts. The use of national messaging services has primarily evolved as a result of evolutionary development in the types of national messaging services. Specifically, a stronger position in the company section would be advantageous. Barid Al-Maghrib has used the considerable investment to expand their network to maintain close contact with their consumers. Even in new communities that have been constructed on the fringes of major cities, people are often still exploring new ideas. In keeping with contemporary office practices, these new organizations guarantee that customer service and greeting meet the highest standards.

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