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Over 150 sites, over 1,200,000 m2 of storage capacity, and 13 European nations over 90 years of history give this business history and size that are simply remarkable. The team at Raben Group is not concerned with numeric figures, but rather people: a team of over 10,000 workers, diverse in personalities, full of enthusiasm and eagerness for logistics, sharing identical goals and ideals. They provide services such as distribution contracts, domestic and international delivery, fresh delivery, transportation by sea and air, and intermodal shipment for their clients, working in a variety of business fields. They spend their everyday time traveling with them on the road, as well as achieving long-term objectives, establishing alliances, and cultivating favorable connections. By offering clients complete and customized logistics solutions, they all contribute to a distinct value they share with their customers. In their opinion, relationships built on trust and respect create a better future. The business hopes that every kilometer driven by its vehicles is good for both the company and the community. Because of this, they are required to interact with their stakeholders on a yearly basis, acquire more efficient and eco-friendly transportation options, plant trees to counteract the effects of CO2, and volunteer their own labor for non-profit organizations that provide food to those in need.

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