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They carry shipments from China to the countries of Ukraine, Russia, and Uzbekistan, as well as to renowned courier service offices. We dominate the industry in China when it comes to providing package delivery services. Meest holds a license from the Universal Postal Union (UPO) to transport postal goods. So, since you, our client, will benefit from their free Chinese package delivery, you are our customer! They're also responsible for shipping big shipments from China to Ukraine, including the clearing of required customs. The two entered into an agreement with a major transporter of Chinese products - Ukr-China Logistics. As a result, the business owners agreed to use a single brand called Meest China to run the merged companies. The Meest China team has 15 years of expertise delivering to China, therefore that is why they now lead the company in that regard. Their shipment included one million packages. Around 30,000 clients and 300,000 kg of products are sent out to consumers each month. The warehouse is 5000 m2. They operate systematically in accordance with the company's concept and values. The ideals ​​found in our customers' usage of our services have reached everyone, and they highly recommend our business. Unlike many rivals, they don't take advantage of other people's warehouses by leasing their capacity. Staff is hired and trained, procedures for storage and logistics are continuously refined, and reliance on innovation and technology is always maintained. Lysenko is a world-renowned specialist in international trade and a pioneer in doing business with China. We are on your side and will be till the day we die. The firm has a China-based board that lives in the country throughout the year, does business at our Chinese office, and supervises the operation. They are for creating new ideas. Since they are the only company on the market with an automated process for processing and managing products for customers in the mobile application and in the customer account on the web, that is why they are the only ones on the market. In the warehouse, or with the batch from the supplier, they bundle purchases from various suppliers into one package. Since they ensure the quality of the item's completion, they provide high-quality fulfillment services for you. When purchasing items from Taobao, Tmall, and 1688, customers often end up buying from the most prominent Chinese marketplaces. To Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, or Meest Express, your package will be delivered. Uzbekistan and Ukraine - free delivery. Due to people's fears about buying a cat in a bag from China, we offer a test service that can be used to assess the quality of a cat in a bag as well as the level of information we provide in the report. When packages need to be packaged, we use many different kinds of packaging. They are well-suited to creating smaller and more compact packaging. You can never lose your savings. It insures and controls the products that are carried from the time of shipment until they are delivered.

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