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SG Holdings Group is a comprehensive Sagawa Express logistics company group. We have been involved in business for more than 60 years, while valuing links with consumers and society. Imagine what you can do for your consumers and perform your best with honesty and sincerity Since our foundation, we have been working on our objective as a corporate organization responsible for the social logistics infrastructure. The Group consists of "other" operations such as "delivery" and "logistics" as well as "real estate" and systems development activities and offers a wide variety of solutions to meet all customer logistics needs by sales operators who are central to customer contact and the GOAL (Go Advanced Logistics) advanced logistics project team across our Group. In recent years, the logistics industry has responded to many changes, such as the development of the e-commerce market and reforms of the working style, but the momentum for the change only increases because of the recent infection with coronaviruses.

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