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Jointly developed by China Post and Australia Post, Sai Cheng is a one-stop supply chain solution. They hold themselves to the standards of a customer-centric company, and they offer companies across borders with efficient, quick, safe, reliable, and competitive logistics services by bringing together high-quality logistics resources. Sai Cheng began serving the cross-border market in January 2005 with a new service concept, “Cross-border, Easier.” Sai Cheng, through continuous and independent development of warehouse management technologies, has built a global logistics service network. It is because of their customer service and logistical solutions that Sai Cheng has earned the confidence and admiration of its clients. In Sai Cheng, companies in international trade lanes, international freight, and cross-border storage come together. Cross-border companies are better able to reduce their supply chains thanks to the broad range of logistical services they offer, with the support of their network of global warehouses, shipping, and airborne delivery. B2B and B2C cross-border logistics leader Sai Cheng aims to expand his global reach to reach China and the rest of the globe. They pay attention to what their clients want, study market trends, and act quickly to expand their worldwide logistics services and generate more profit for their customers.

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