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Senhong International Logistics Group is an integrated cross-border logistics service platform founded in 2010, Senhong's logistics platform, optimizing electronic commerce channels, branding of global logistics partnership organizations, high-quality overseas resources, and leading international e-commerce platforms, which has been proposed by Senhong International Logistics Group " Senhong Logistics' major projects now include explicit consignment agency, international postal parcels, international tax packages, air-and-sea bulk cargo shipments, overseas storage services, product solutions, customs declarations and inspection, and other complete logistics services. The mobile terminal and PC terminal were set up. The customer system performs tasks such as online pricing checks, online order placing, delivery of forecasts, and an online payment which simplifies order administration and logistics tracking. Now special lines in Taiwan, special lines in Hong Kong, special lines in Indonesia, special lines in Thailand, special lines in Vietnam and Singapore are opened! They continue to improve the company's value to create a quality brand with reliance on great and reliable operational resources, excellent logistics networking systems, professional IT technologies and integrated management services.

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