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Star Global Group of Companies was set up in 1999 to offer the oil and gas sector marine services. Since its inception, it has developed into an integrated complete logistics business for chartering, shipping, international forwarding projects, ship agency, and ship brokering. The mission: to offer our customers honesty, professionalism, and quality in service, all from one stop to the next. As owner, agency, and operator of a fleet of offshore boats, they offer supplies to valued customers of different sectors, including supply boats, anchor handling tracks, landing crafts, tug boats, ships, and other utility vessels. Their fleet of fully classified boats is designed to satisfy offshore demands. The specialized technical and operational staff ensures that ships meet high standards and are ready for rent. Located in the heart of SE Asia, where many projects are underway both for the energy sector and for infrastructure development, we work throughout the area to undertake maritime transportation tasks and projects, which are carefully designed and carried out by the experienced staff. They have several years of expertise in managing complicated infrastructure projects in the petroleum and gas sectors. They offer charter and shipping services for many kinds of cargo and vessel sales and acquisitions with their extensive worldwide networks with the owners of ships. With its excellent infrastructure, Star Global offers value-added services to calling ships to Singapore.

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