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Speedma Logistics is a dedicated logistics line based on the integration of a global logistic network system for transboundary e-commerce to provide international storage, international specialized line, international small packages, international express delivery, FBA Head-to-Way logistics services and localization services. Chinese-Australia special line / U.S. special line, Australia overseas warehouse / U.S. overseas warehouse, sea bulk cargo door-to-door service, project cargo operation, etc., tailor-made one-on-one program, are the core business of fast-track logistics. Providing one-stop shipment/China-Hong Kong transport/air transport/destination clearance/port delivery, etc. The special line China-Australia, including special-line small bags and special line large goods, has a floor and customs control warehouse, a package clearance system, in the rest of the world to solve the risk of seizure, timely and speedy customer response to save time and improve customer experience. SUM Xpress is a logistics company committed to delivering, through the integration of a global logistics network system for cross-border electricity suppliers, logistics services, including foreign warehousing, international leasing, international kits, international courier and other logistics services and localized services. To offer the most trustworthy cross-border solutions for the complete logistics of electricity companies.

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